How to shop safely and properly online in 2020

Since online shopping has become the order of the day, it is paramount that you protect yourself against phishing, viruses and scam. If you do not, you will be at the mercy of the evils that happen online. As such, you should take it upon yourself to always be on the lookout when shopping online. Here are suggestions for you to follow:

Make your findings of the online retailer before you buy from them
You purchase from any eCommerce store, ensure that you have made your findings. Read up reviews about their services online; get to know what other people are saying about them. If the reports you read are good, then you can be sure that such online retailer is trustworthy. However, only trust the reports of independent review online sites. If a company has an online retailer, they will let their consumers know their website. To further protect yourself, look for accredited eCommerce stores by the brands you want to purchase from. One of the easiest and best ways to check the reputation of a company is to read customer reviews online.

Ensure the website is protected
To enhance their operations, scammers and phishers use unfriendly websites to attract customers. Once you log in those websites, you are done for. In most cases, viruses and phishing agents are automatically sent into your phone or laptop. These viruses have been automated to spy on your activities on your phone. This way, the people behind this malicious act collate your personal information, including your financial details and other confidentialities. They allow some time to pass before they strike; you wake up one morning and you find your money gone. You can make extra research to know more about how to identify the websites to shop from and the ones you should avoid.

Install antivirus software in your internet-enabled devices
Ensure you protect yourself by installing reliable antivirus software. Never shop online if your system is not protected. Antivirus software helps to repel the activities of scammers and phishing and also keep your computer safe. To make the most of it, ensure you update your software regularly. Also, keep your passwords secured. You should change the passwords of your online accounts regularly. Always use a password difficult for others to guess, but easy for you to remember.

Use a private data connection
Never connect to public WiFi when shopping online. Even though it is free to use and can be economical for you, connecting to a public WiFi does more harm than good to you. When you connect to a public WiFi, fraudsters can easily track your IP address and your activities online. It is also easy for them to send a virus and other phishing agents to your phone to spy on your activities. Some even go further to hack into your sensitive apps on your phone or computer like Gmail, mobile Bank app, etc.

Always use a VPN
This is a must for you if you want to enjoy shopping online at no risk. A VPN, Virtual Private Network, encrypts your activities online. As such, no fraudster can successfully track you because all you do are turned into gibberish which no one can read. Besides, a VPN also helps you to change your location so that you can access services not ordinarily available in your location. As such, you have more options to choose from.

Stay away from offers too good to be true
This is the pitfalls many people fall into when shopping online. It is human to look for offers that pay you the most, but these offers can be used as baits to lure you into being duped. You should compare the prices of whatever you want to buy before you buy. Compare the prices of different retail sites to know the price limit of whatever you want to buy. Not only will you be able to make an informed decision when buying, but you will also be able to quickly identify suspicious retail sites that only want to dupe you. Also, if you cannot find it any reviews about a site, do not purchase from the site.

Shopping online does not have to become problematic for you, once you adhere to how you can protect yourself above. Also, it is advisable to follow your guts when shopping online. If you have the feeling that an eCommerce store is not credible, there is a higher chance that it is not. Your instincts can lead you aright if you listen to it.